Monday, August 3, 2009


Its been like a few months since the story of this particular virus has been stoped going through any kind of the medias(e.g : television and radio).. Some concluded that the situation is at stop or going through the means of the decrease in people affected by it. On the other hand, some thought that the situation is actually at stake.. even far more violent and dangerours from the previous reports we here early this year. As a result of the vast amount of death, the unpredictable speed of the virus to migrate around the globe and the uncontrolable speed of the virus to mutate in mere days or months, locals will surely pop out a hypothesis that governmont is trying to hide the facts from people, just to not cause havoc around the globe.. Is this action really necessary? 

As for now, the story of the Influenza A is at low. It wasnt like before where we always here them on the news, papers and also commercials. But some still realize that the situation is still not at its end and give their best to properly give awareness to those who they might think deserves to be free of this virus and keep living! They usually go school to school for the kids and make campaigns just for the sake of keeping clean and being healthy. They should really be appreaciated! Thank you guys...

Still, we havent had news that the scientist have finally found the perfect cure for this new virus. Although they are meds that will slow the process of affected our body, the medication was still wasnt enough.. innocent people just keep on dying! 

There was only one solution, enough to keep one self away of such virus - keeping clean!      fairly simple matter you might think, but not all realize that we are just not clean enough from dirt, bacteria and dirty substances.

I heard a story related to this; in Mexico.. where we heard the virus started. In a village where the population is at below a hundred, lived bunch of people living normally as locals. One day, the terrible news struck and just a few days after the news appeared, majority of the people living in that village die of the H1N1 virus. Some didnt receive any medication or help from outside the village and dies instantly; kids, mothers, fathers, evryone! Except, for this one boy who was thought from childhood to always wash his hands; mainly before and after eating and even doing daily routines like after playing and before entering the house.

There was this other story i also heard that had me thinking since today. It was of the government itself, especially from the high-class states or country. It just could be that this was a mistake done by the working scientist to form something that can annihalate their enemies. I dont know how far this is true.... :-)

But its something right? its like in a

Well, ive got only one thing to say, KEEP CLEAN! wash your hands often and go to the doctors if you have a symptoms, even if its a minor one..

more from me later!

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