Thursday, September 10, 2009


Nothing much happens today. No exam were held too. One class were held and that were ICT. Teachers gave us some clues on the coming ICT Exam papers on Tuesday next week. Well, just hope its enough for me and the others to achieve good grades. It was a pretty boring day, I were babbling and chatting the whole day of school with my classmates. We kinda talk of the comic we just read, Naruto and Kekkaishi, on how great the director can produce an unbelievable storyline, about some girls we know, about our upcoming future etc. We had some smiles and laughable moments at times. That made the day less boring. One thing for sure, I cant get my mind off the SPM. Its currently haunting me every second. Creeps me out actually. 

I just hope the result I good was satisfied by me and especially the teachers and parents. I did do my best at it, just.. wasnt good enough, I know. For me, trying harder is a burden actually, I would probably just relax and do my best to read even a single information on certain subjects. At least its something, better than nothing.

Oh yeah! PMR for Form 3s are near. I think its only about less than a month. Just wanna say to those 'participants'.. good luck guys. Try your best on it and dont forget to pray alot. It kinda helps to calm yourself down a little so nothing unexpected could occur at an unexpected times.

Once again, thats all for today, more from me... later.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


SPM is around the corner and my Trial Exam is about to end. Cant say Im relieved or I cant say that Im happy. My feelings are somewhat in the middle of the 2 undying events. I actually feel more anxious, afraid, curious of the things I do nowadays. Im concern of every timid actions I do. I am still not secure of the knowledge that bounds me this whole 2 years and it gets worse my my own results of the Trial Exam. So far from what I heard, the results arent good. Well, thats me for sure. I kept thinking of the consequences I may face in the near future and the long term effects that will occur as I am very much still like 'me' - not putting alot of effort to examinations.

Ramadhan is nearly over, just about 10 more days from a month of fasting and 'Hari Raya' will come. Im off to Singapore where my father's eldest sister lives. My grandparents are no more to be seen in this vast world as they soul was called by the Almighty. Only 1 of my granpa still lives, and he moved to Singapore. My father really wants to see him for the upcoming Raya. Anyway, we are still in the fasting months, every good deeds are multiplied a dozen times. Speaking of which, theres a situation or a special day in Ramadhan where everyone wants to face - the day of LailatulQadr. Im not sure of the sayings or the truth behind this, but as I heard, its the day where God will hear you out and grant your wishes. Everyone only knows that it will surely occur on one the last ten days of Ramadhan. Interesting right.  I wonder if I will 'bump' in to that special day.

Thats all for today, not much from me actually but its enough. :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Train wreck at Montparnasse, France, depicting a failure. 1895

Easier said than done. Chemistry 2 and Chemistry 1 was ongoing this early morning til 12:30. Back home early to complete every man's must-do objective throughout his life - Jumaah prayer. Just to say, the exam was once again just as the image above. Chemistry 2 was a goner. I couldnt answer most of the questions given. Section A was okey but still hard, Section B was great, and Section C was as hard as ever. Its of about 'salts' I think. And so i counted the total loss for the day.. its over 14 marks. Wow, what great success. Now Ill never dream of achieving grade 'A' or even a 'B'. Anyway, off of all the depressing. Atleast the Chemistry paper 1 was an easier paper to do. Smiles and calmness devour me instantly I answered the no.1 question. It was a relieved as I finished all 50 questions given. "5min left students!" shouted the teacher at the back as the table and chair for the teacher to observe our every movements was placed at the center-back of our class. My stomach started grumbling for no reason and my eyes was sleepy as ever. Hmm.. maybe I just over-studied overnight and didnt get enough to eat during 'sahur'. Im not gonna make that mistake again, not, for sure.

Oh! Oh! Not to forget, our really hard-working Physics teacher just finished marking all 3 papers of Physics. Glad I was. But from what I heard, I didnt get an 'A' but a 'B' for Physics instead. Owh

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chemistry 3

Another annoying day of exam. Today there were 2 papers. 1 paper on Biology 3 and the other on Chemistry 3. The Biology paper went out quite well for me actually. There were some weird questions but I did it with minimal mistakes and a really thoughtful answer although I not know the exact answer. It went out Respiration and Transpiration of plants. I memorized it that early morning with my hard contents. But still, the question made it hard to even answer the question given as it will ask the question directly to the point. I finished with a smile though. :)

This were after recees. 11.30 a.m. Seconds 'til the Chemistry paper 3 exam. My hopes were incredibly high to pass this paper with ease. Well, my hopes fell down to earth like meteors came crashing down to earth breaking the earth's atmosphere and be blazing with lilad furnace creating an enourmous vibration on the ground forming a wave-like structure that tears all upon impact. The 2nd question came out an experiment I know very little of - to determine the hardness of two different metals which are iron and steel. At 1st thought, "I know this! I know this! its about alloys and all where they put stuffs in the so called not strong iron to make it more stronger than before." Haha, atleast Im not wrong! But to study the hardness? wtf. Its either I never read it or I've never been bothered to read it.. I simply couldnt answer the Experiment. I only manage to write out Problem Statement, Aim of it and the Variables. Too obstruct, I went to little nap and upon waking up, left only a fracture til the end, I went to the Gents to freshen up a little. Met up with friends from other class and discuss a little of the 1st question. Wrong doing, I know. So sorry. Well, no point in asking them the 2nd question I just stated. They wont even know what was I talking about.

Just to say, the Chemistry paper was a total failure to me today. I just lost a total of 17marks just on Paper 3. Now I've got to really make up those marks on the other 2 papers to achieve grade 'A' on my Chemistry. Hard work... *sob sob*

Hmm. Thats all from me today, more from me next time of course.

P.S. check out previous blogs and give suggestions please. Mistakes maybe? Im not that good with language especially English, so get over it. Nah! just kidding, inform me please.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Physic paper has ended. 3 crucial moments of 3 different papers i have to go through to end that only subject.

Relieved as an apple pie I am.

Physics is one of the 4 major subjects we Science Students have to complete to acknowledge ourselves as.. Science Students of coz. Its the 1st subject before the other 3, i.e the Grusome Biology, the Mindblowing Addmaths and the Remarkable Chemistry, of following the exam(Trial papers) schedule that was declared and started last week. 

Physic was not the best out of the others but its still was very challenging. As for me, the subject has too many theories going on starting even from the cover of the text book itself. LoL.  Theory that, Principle there, Law this and Experiments everywhere. It just makes me boring. 

I love Chemistry more than Physic as the study itself was fun. From the colourful chemicals to the exploding experiments. I still remember I set a big smoke in the Lab. while doing an experiment of putting a big chunk of the Group 1's Sodium (if i am not mistaken) in the water. The situation was as the text book says - it will react vigorously with water, spins with a blazing fire and dissolves to form an alkali solution. But with a little spice of 'big smoke' at the end...haha. Anyway, the colourful. chemistry that really caught my attention. The colours make me happy and make my brain turns to a rainbow-coloured piece of matter which can only be seen through my imagination. For example the .blue. copper(ll) solution , the .pink. phenophtalene and the .brown. Bromine. As my brain was colourful, so is my results as I 'hopefully' pass with flying colours. So much for the colours, it made me do idioms. Thats once in awhile opportunity to see me do that.

Beating the all favourite subjects was Mathematics. The love for the numbers was presence since I was still a little kid. Cant believe how much I've grown this past years that I learn more weird numbers as  the teacher introduced us to the so called 'algebra'. It causes headaches, migrane, hypertension, stroke, uneven functions of the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, embolism, cancer, cataract, hair-loss, bulimia, gigantism, dwarfism, *some text missing as too many eerie diseases is stated*. But it never weres me down, the curiosity of finding that only answer consisting of some numbers, signs, and letters drives me to work even harder. Curiosity kills the cat! Ehm, cant deny that for sure. Oh2, another idiom from me. Im really is a mess right now.

--Today is abit long. LoL. Maybe Ill continue tommorow of some new updates of my story relating to the upcoming exam. Enjoy? Nah!

More from me next time. See ya. Send my regards to your mum. :)