Wednesday, July 29, 2009

i just got a mystery present!

As for a 'weird' Friedship Day held at my school; S.M.K Sungai Pusu.. these past few days. The teachers and some club members are trying to gain some money by selling stuffs to students to give to their so called 'friends' and so..

The things are fairly simple, like choclates and sweets.

Well, i just thought myself - "Nevermind! i've done enough to be a VERY good friend to my beloved mates" and decided not to put up any names on the 'list'.. and time goes by.

On the day the gifts will be handed out to the receiver, which is today, i was abit shocked to find out that i received a gifts. It were wrapped in red, foil, wrapping paper and a small blue card sticking out of the top. It had the "To:" whom thing and "From;" whom thing la kan?haha

Obviously, it were from me! it writes - "Arif Amin 5 Server".. and from an anynomous character called 'her' self "Saya".. lol. It had a comment too aswell, on the center of the card. No need to know what its says okey.

What i wanna say is.. i must admit, i were blushing a little. lol And comeon la. Just reveal who you are..

Now im like crazy curious.. ill go haywire in  no time! Happy day for me and a mystery to my life.

more to me.... in just a little while. see ya.

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