Wednesday, July 29, 2009

i began reading mangas at since last year. My classmates were too fedup of the slow output of an anime such as The famous Naruto.

So, we HAD to find another way! and by then, we were like viruses bug on internet insearch of a Mangasite we heard from the Internet. One day, it were found.

the famous url and site where hundreds or maybe thousands of mangas are held in a site. It had mangas from Naruto, Eyeshield, Bleach and Fairy Tail. They has a lot of other good ones too.

Well, im still reading the 'never-ending' Naruto Shippuuden and Bleach. So far, i've just finished reading the cool sport Manga called Eyeshield; an American Football Manga. It has great tech. , storyline and even shows what and hows of playing American Football. They're very easy guides to follow throughout the Chapter. AND ofcoz! it supplies of comedy that will surely make you laugh out loud and even shed with tears.

Anyway, currently im beggining to read a new Manga to replace Eyeshield i've just finished; called; Fairy Tail.

Its unique, using the ancient mystery of magic powers to characters in this story. 

How do i pick the Manga i wanna read you asked? Well, one thing is to ask your friends! BELIEVE them! and if you're arent sure, just view the TOP read Mangas. Simple as that! :)

more too me next time!

P.S plz comment a little.. its like im talking on my own..haha

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