Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tension seyh!

1 more week, it'll be the trial! Just knew it afew days ago..actually on Monday. The principle just gave out the 'good' news.

The thing is.. WTF! why now!

why not tell us like.. a month ago! its like they'r doin it on purpose so we can FAIL. Yes, they'll loved that very much. And when it happens.. they'll blame it on us. Dont forget  our 'beloved' parents. They'l guarentee to scold US and not the school.

Just think LA! ONE WEEK!

whatz up with that!

and another thing still bothering me and my mates.. school sylllabus still isnt completed yet. For e.g ; Add.Math, Maths, Chem., Bio., etc.

arent we suppose to finish and revise instead of doing this 'stupid' stuff of taking an exam all of'a sudden! WTH wif the school nowadays.

Well, i have no power to change what is happening.. so.. "ku redha jela pada yg Maha Berkuasa"

P.S wish me luck, im actually targetting more to the trial than my actual exam(SPM).

;more to me later...


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