Thursday, September 3, 2009

Train wreck at Montparnasse, France, depicting a failure. 1895

Easier said than done. Chemistry 2 and Chemistry 1 was ongoing this early morning til 12:30. Back home early to complete every man's must-do objective throughout his life - Jumaah prayer. Just to say, the exam was once again just as the image above. Chemistry 2 was a goner. I couldnt answer most of the questions given. Section A was okey but still hard, Section B was great, and Section C was as hard as ever. Its of about 'salts' I think. And so i counted the total loss for the day.. its over 14 marks. Wow, what great success. Now Ill never dream of achieving grade 'A' or even a 'B'. Anyway, off of all the depressing. Atleast the Chemistry paper 1 was an easier paper to do. Smiles and calmness devour me instantly I answered the no.1 question. It was a relieved as I finished all 50 questions given. "5min left students!" shouted the teacher at the back as the table and chair for the teacher to observe our every movements was placed at the center-back of our class. My stomach started grumbling for no reason and my eyes was sleepy as ever. Hmm.. maybe I just over-studied overnight and didnt get enough to eat during 'sahur'. Im not gonna make that mistake again, not, for sure.

Oh! Oh! Not to forget, our really hard-working Physics teacher just finished marking all 3 papers of Physics. Glad I was. But from what I heard, I didnt get an 'A' but a 'B' for Physics instead. Owh

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