Wednesday, September 9, 2009


SPM is around the corner and my Trial Exam is about to end. Cant say Im relieved or I cant say that Im happy. My feelings are somewhat in the middle of the 2 undying events. I actually feel more anxious, afraid, curious of the things I do nowadays. Im concern of every timid actions I do. I am still not secure of the knowledge that bounds me this whole 2 years and it gets worse my my own results of the Trial Exam. So far from what I heard, the results arent good. Well, thats me for sure. I kept thinking of the consequences I may face in the near future and the long term effects that will occur as I am very much still like 'me' - not putting alot of effort to examinations.

Ramadhan is nearly over, just about 10 more days from a month of fasting and 'Hari Raya' will come. Im off to Singapore where my father's eldest sister lives. My grandparents are no more to be seen in this vast world as they soul was called by the Almighty. Only 1 of my granpa still lives, and he moved to Singapore. My father really wants to see him for the upcoming Raya. Anyway, we are still in the fasting months, every good deeds are multiplied a dozen times. Speaking of which, theres a situation or a special day in Ramadhan where everyone wants to face - the day of LailatulQadr. Im not sure of the sayings or the truth behind this, but as I heard, its the day where God will hear you out and grant your wishes. Everyone only knows that it will surely occur on one the last ten days of Ramadhan. Interesting right.  I wonder if I will 'bump' in to that special day.

Thats all for today, not much from me actually but its enough. :)

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