Thursday, September 10, 2009


Nothing much happens today. No exam were held too. One class were held and that were ICT. Teachers gave us some clues on the coming ICT Exam papers on Tuesday next week. Well, just hope its enough for me and the others to achieve good grades. It was a pretty boring day, I were babbling and chatting the whole day of school with my classmates. We kinda talk of the comic we just read, Naruto and Kekkaishi, on how great the director can produce an unbelievable storyline, about some girls we know, about our upcoming future etc. We had some smiles and laughable moments at times. That made the day less boring. One thing for sure, I cant get my mind off the SPM. Its currently haunting me every second. Creeps me out actually. 

I just hope the result I good was satisfied by me and especially the teachers and parents. I did do my best at it, just.. wasnt good enough, I know. For me, trying harder is a burden actually, I would probably just relax and do my best to read even a single information on certain subjects. At least its something, better than nothing.

Oh yeah! PMR for Form 3s are near. I think its only about less than a month. Just wanna say to those 'participants'.. good luck guys. Try your best on it and dont forget to pray alot. It kinda helps to calm yourself down a little so nothing unexpected could occur at an unexpected times.

Once again, thats all for today, more from me... later.

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