Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Physic paper has ended. 3 crucial moments of 3 different papers i have to go through to end that only subject.

Relieved as an apple pie I am.

Physics is one of the 4 major subjects we Science Students have to complete to acknowledge ourselves as.. Science Students of coz. Its the 1st subject before the other 3, i.e the Grusome Biology, the Mindblowing Addmaths and the Remarkable Chemistry, of following the exam(Trial papers) schedule that was declared and started last week. 

Physic was not the best out of the others but its still was very challenging. As for me, the subject has too many theories going on starting even from the cover of the text book itself. LoL.  Theory that, Principle there, Law this and Experiments everywhere. It just makes me boring. 

I love Chemistry more than Physic as the study itself was fun. From the colourful chemicals to the exploding experiments. I still remember I set a big smoke in the Lab. while doing an experiment of putting a big chunk of the Group 1's Sodium (if i am not mistaken) in the water. The situation was as the text book says - it will react vigorously with water, spins with a blazing fire and dissolves to form an alkali solution. But with a little spice of 'big smoke' at the end...haha. Anyway, the colourful. chemistry that really caught my attention. The colours make me happy and make my brain turns to a rainbow-coloured piece of matter which can only be seen through my imagination. For example the .blue. copper(ll) solution , the .pink. phenophtalene and the .brown. Bromine. As my brain was colourful, so is my results as I 'hopefully' pass with flying colours. So much for the colours, it made me do idioms. Thats once in awhile opportunity to see me do that.

Beating the all favourite subjects was Mathematics. The love for the numbers was presence since I was still a little kid. Cant believe how much I've grown this past years that I learn more weird numbers as  the teacher introduced us to the so called 'algebra'. It causes headaches, migrane, hypertension, stroke, uneven functions of the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, embolism, cancer, cataract, hair-loss, bulimia, gigantism, dwarfism, *some text missing as too many eerie diseases is stated*. But it never weres me down, the curiosity of finding that only answer consisting of some numbers, signs, and letters drives me to work even harder. Curiosity kills the cat! Ehm, cant deny that for sure. Oh2, another idiom from me. Im really is a mess right now.

--Today is abit long. LoL. Maybe Ill continue tommorow of some new updates of my story relating to the upcoming exam. Enjoy? Nah!

More from me next time. See ya. Send my regards to your mum. :) 

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