Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chemistry 3

Another annoying day of exam. Today there were 2 papers. 1 paper on Biology 3 and the other on Chemistry 3. The Biology paper went out quite well for me actually. There were some weird questions but I did it with minimal mistakes and a really thoughtful answer although I not know the exact answer. It went out Respiration and Transpiration of plants. I memorized it that early morning with my hard contents. But still, the question made it hard to even answer the question given as it will ask the question directly to the point. I finished with a smile though. :)

This were after recees. 11.30 a.m. Seconds 'til the Chemistry paper 3 exam. My hopes were incredibly high to pass this paper with ease. Well, my hopes fell down to earth like meteors came crashing down to earth breaking the earth's atmosphere and be blazing with lilad furnace creating an enourmous vibration on the ground forming a wave-like structure that tears all upon impact. The 2nd question came out an experiment I know very little of - to determine the hardness of two different metals which are iron and steel. At 1st thought, "I know this! I know this! its about alloys and all where they put stuffs in the so called not strong iron to make it more stronger than before." Haha, atleast Im not wrong! But to study the hardness? wtf. Its either I never read it or I've never been bothered to read it.. I simply couldnt answer the Experiment. I only manage to write out Problem Statement, Aim of it and the Variables. Too obstruct, I went to little nap and upon waking up, left only a fracture til the end, I went to the Gents to freshen up a little. Met up with friends from other class and discuss a little of the 1st question. Wrong doing, I know. So sorry. Well, no point in asking them the 2nd question I just stated. They wont even know what was I talking about.

Just to say, the Chemistry paper was a total failure to me today. I just lost a total of 17marks just on Paper 3. Now I've got to really make up those marks on the other 2 papers to achieve grade 'A' on my Chemistry. Hard work... *sob sob*

Hmm. Thats all from me today, more from me next time of course.

P.S. check out previous blogs and give suggestions please. Mistakes maybe? Im not that good with language especially English, so get over it. Nah! just kidding, inform me please.

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